Don’t Give Up

Inspiration and motivation

No matter how bad the condition of your life and your mind,  don’t give up!  Regain the  territory the devil has stolen from you. If necessary, regain it one inch at a time, always leaning on God’s grace and not on your own ability to get the desired results. 

Galatians 6:9 teaches us that apostle Paul encourages us to keep on keeping on!  Don’t be a quitter!  Don’t have the old give up spirit. God is looking for people who will go all the way through with him. 

Whatever you may be facing or experiencing right now in your life,  I am encouraging you to go through it and not give up.  It’s very easy to quit,  it takes faith to go through. Take a stand and say, I will never give up!  God is on my side, He loves me, and He is helping me. 

You are not alone my brothers and sisters,  set your mind that you will never quit until victory is complete and you have taken possession of your rightful inheritance. 

Don’t Use Your Past As An Excuse To Stay In Bondage

Our past may explain why we’re suffering, but we must not use it as an excuse to stay in bondage. 

Everyone is without excuse because Jesus always stands ready to fulfill His promise to set the captives free. He will walk us accrodd the finish line of victory in any area if we are willing to go all the way through it with him. 

N:B: I Corinthians 10:13 promised us that God will not allow us to be tempted beyond what we can bear,  but with every temptation He will also provide the way out, the escape. 

What To Do When Negativity Steps In

There are two spiritual weapons available to us (praise and prayer). 

Praise defeats the devil quicker than any other battle plan, but it must be genuine heart praise and not just lip service. 

Prayer in the other hand is the relationship we have with the God head. It is asking for help or talking to God about something that bothers us. 

If you want to have an effective prayer life, develop a good personal relationship with the Father, know that He loves you, He is full of mercy, that He will help you. Get to know Jesus. He is your friend, He died for you. Get to know the Holy Spirit. He is with you all the time as your helper. Let Him help you! 

We are not perfect that makes us sinners. We all live by the mercy and grace of God. The devil is manipulative and knows how to inject negative thoughts into our minds, especially during the time of challenges and problems. 

Learn to fill your prayers with the word of God. 

How To Compare What’s In Our Mind With What’s In The Mind Of God

II Corinthians 10:4-5: “clearly indicates that we must know the word of God well enough against any thoughts that attempts to exalt itself above the word of God. We are to cast down and bring into captivity to Jesus Christ”. 

In essence,  what am trying to point out is that don’t ever give up,  because little by little you are changing. The more you change your mind for the better, the more your life will also change for the better. When you begin to see God’s good plan for you in your thinking, you will begin to walk in it.  

One thing you should know and never ignore is that the devil knows what we like and what we don’t like. He knows our insecurities, weaknesses, and our fears. He knows what bothers us most. 



I want to use this opportunity to welcome you to my new blog. Motivated and free is a blog for everyone who are passing through challenges, seeking help from God, who are suffering from anxiety, lack of faith and lack of hope. Am not a pastor but a believer who have passed this stage of life and want to share the goodness of God to the world. 

My brothers and sisters, never give up on God, He hasn’t given up on you. Keep praying, and one thing I will advise in your prayers is to thank Him for everything, praise Him and give Him the glory, trust me you will see that change you need in your life. 

I pray my writings and contributions from my colleagues will help you in having faith, inspired and motivated. In Jesus name. Amen!