Not Everything Has A True Appearance 

It’s a norm saying we hear around “All that glitters ain’t gold. ” I must say this so very true. 

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According to Wikipedia, 

This can apply to people, places, or things that promise to be more than they really are. 

We live in a world where people fake their personality just to blend with society or friends. There are many examples and experiences have seen and heard that have made me 😭 and also made me 😂 hard.  How will I put this now.. 😕😕😕 “social media” is the best place to see a lot of pretenders. 

The outward appearance can indeed be deceiving. Someone might look nice in pictures, some may drive expensive cars on social media, display houses, designers and all. Most of them got nothing but borrowed. Showing the luxury life tend to attract the opposite sex for guys, while the ladies seem to seek attention for the big lifestyle. But if their obligations were paid off, they would be penniless. 

Another maybe incredibly blessed by God in temporal wealth, but in meaness of spirit would rather live below what he has given them, and be thought as poor. What am portraying here is what the Bible says in Proverbs 13:7-8 NIV version;  

One person pretends to be rich, yet has nothing;  another pretends to be poor, yet has great wealth. 

A person’s riches may ransom their life, but the poor cannot respond to threatening rebukes. 

Pretending to have it all, which you don’t it’s just a punishment. Wanna share an example, most ladies tend to get more attractive to guys who are extremely wealthy and who can buy whatever they ask from them. There was this lady back then, all she wanted was to get a rich guy and settle down with him. Not knowing the guy was a thief / 419. She was attracted by what she saw and what comes to her pocket and closet, not asking him where the source of his money is from. It dawned on her when he was arrested for murder and theft of millions. True story!!!  Every property he had was siezed and also the car he bought for the lady was taken too. She was lucky she wasn’t arrested with the guy. 

To make my point equal and not focusing on the ladies, guys also fall into the net of evil ladies. Another true story, a friend of mine loves light skinned girls, tall, and endowned both at the front and back. We were at the cinema one day and he saw exactly what he really likes. I must confess she was a 💯 but my advise still stood towards him to be careful. All the ladies he has dated were all light skinned but didn’t end up good. He approached her, they spoke for sometime, exchanged numbers and went their seoerate ways. After that day, they kept in touch every time, hanged out, gradually getting emotionally attached. After three months, things started falling apart in my friend’s life. He lost his job, he sold his Benz car, he couldn’t afford to stay in his duplex apartment, everything was upside down for him. This lady started given him attitude and threatened she was gonna leave him. My friend called me asking he wants to lend 200,000 bucks from me. I asked him what was going on, he told me how he lost everything just at a blink of an eye. I felt bad and gave him the money. Till now I didn’t know how the money came to be, but I gave him to start something. After two weeks he came to me again requesting for money. I told him what happened to the one I gave him two weeks ago. He said he gave the money to his girlfriend, that she’s threatening him to leave him and he doesn’t want thayrto happen. I was cold and angry. Scolded him why he will do such. If this lady loves you, she won’t put you in this kinda situation. Let her go if she wants to go. I told him I don’t have any more money to give him. 

I had to report his case to my pastor. He told me to invite my friend for a revival service, which I did. To cut the long story short, after revival it was revealed that the lady was a witch. She came to suck the wealth out of my friend’s life and to leave him dry. I didn’t believe it, we were both in shock. Then the pastor followed him to his one bedroom apartment he rented, the lady had already taken a he had from the house and left it empty. Am sure this story is cracking someone now.. 😂😂 it sounds like a movie but in this case a reality movie. 

Thank God for my friend is gaining his ground back. He got a new job!!! 

Just like this picture ;

Because it’s attractive doesn’t mean it’s safe. At least save yourself, not all that glitters is gold, your reflex may not be as fast as the jaws of that crocks mouth you gold mining.

Be watchful at all times… Does who have ears, let them hear!!!! 


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