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My Cry For Mercy

Some days are just plain tough!  Those we care about are hurting. Our plans are falling through. Our prayers seem to bounce off the ceiling and fall at our feet. We cry out to God- sometimes in anger, sometimes in desperation, but especially for mercy. We need hope!  We need the father to respond.   

Am so guilty of this. I remember when I fall back of grace, I feel my prayers ain’t gonna be answered. But a friend came through and put me back on track not to think they way. God already know our actions before it’s implemented. The devil will try, only if you fall for his tricks thinking otherwise. But if you believe God is merciful and full of grace, you are on the right track. For me, am living only by His grace and mercy, nothing else. 

Prayer : faithful and righteous father, please come to my aide and bring me relief from my struggles with sin, with disease, with discouragement, with friends who are untrue, and with enemies who work for my humiliation and destruction. I need your help. I need your mercy.  Dear Lord, I need to know your presence and power in my life today. Amen!!! 

Have a blessed weekend.. 

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