Your Testimony Is A Blessing To Someone 

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What breakthrough have you encountered today? what miracle have you received in the past that you still enjoy the grace? One thing I know is, you don’t hide what God has done for you. Your testimony is a blessing to someone out there. 

When I got my job this year, the Holy Spirit wanted me to testify but I didn’t. The devil tried to silent my blessings and not to share. Until a day came I decided in church I was going to testify today. The devil still tried to persuade me in that instance.  But I stood in the presence of Jesus and shared my testimony, God made it stock to my mind to testify but I was stubborn, thinking it was okay for me to keep my blessings to myself. Reading different inspirational books is really good, each day am learning new things and improving in knowing more about Jesus. By the time I finished given my testimony, I had this joy in me that my story will change someone’s story. 

When the Lord blesses you, don’t hide it, share it to bless others. It might not be in monetary form or gifts. But by testifying of His goodness can transform someone’s life out there. 

Happy Sunday guys!!! 


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A God- fearing phlegmatic, who is saved by Grace to also share and help those who are seeking motivation and inspiration in the activities of life and purpose.

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