Quit Trying And Start Trusting God 

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In order to receive what we need from God, we must be humble enough to quit trying and start trusting. We must be willing to stop doing and start asking. 

The first time I noticed this writing, it changed the perspective I see life. Now I see life to be easy because I do not need to force myself for things to happen in my life. In my precious article, I stated back then in my life when I focus more on trying my best to do something or be something in life but it didn’t happen. Finding my peace and way with God has taught me a lot of things and opened my eyes to start trusting him and not trying to do it myself. I know someone can testify to this, like me I don’t like to sit around doing nothing, I like to engage in one or two things to earn something in life. But most times we try and try but no result. The truth is that we have to focus more on God and humbly come into His presence to ask for directions, knowledge, and wisdom, trusting that all we asked are already answered. 

If I should share my experience with anyone in the flesh, what I get will be am lazy. There are so much opportunities out there and you just sitting doing nothing. What I tell that kinda person is that “I don’t need to fret, I don’t need to try and don’t get results under stress, all I do is to go before my God and ask for what I need and I will receive”.  That’s the difference between work and grace. 

A lot of quotes states the day you quit trying, you are a loser. That is believing the work of the flesh. There are various testimonies where people don’t even stress a bit to get something big from God. Men with big faith receive big grace, and that supersedes anybody. You know who you are, do your best with no stress and commit and trust the rest to God. 

Make it today in your life to quit trying and start trusting God for that breakthrough you need in your life. 

Have a blessed day!!! 



  1. gracelead

    Perhaps they misunderstand your point. Trusting God doesn’t mean we sit and do nothing. He expects us to work at whatever He gives us to do (1The 4:11, 2The 3:10-11). As you noted, the wise person asks for His direction in everything, including what type of work He wants us to do. Ultimately, we work for Him (Col 3:23-24).



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