What is popularity?  I think it doesn’t have an exact meaning, what I believe is that anyone seeking a must attention to blend with society is seeking popularity. 

This is common among the teens and youths of our time. We want to be popular in school, we want to have the latest fashion, we want to drive the latest cars, have the latest phones and many more. Forgetting it has a price. The celebrity and popular people we see these days have sacrificed one thing or the other to be where they are. O don’t know only God knows but it doesn’t mean you should be like them, or you want their lifestyles. When you start thinking about that, negative thoughts starts kicking in. To get the latest phone or fashion, you start stealing at home, removing from your savings to impress people and all. We are all born unique, we all have one thing or the other better than the so called popular people. 

One thing I learnt from my parents is to be contended with what you have and be humble. I don’t need to get the latest phone or style because everyone is having to impress one another. Well am born to impress myself and look the best way I can. I may not have the latest stuffs, but sure I know I got a fly unique attitude that I love and gave me great friends and a woman I call my wife. 

Lesson: Popularity to impress society is really bad and will affect your lives. Don’t be jealous, don’t compare yourself, just be yourself and you will see how popular you will be in Kingdom. 

Be popular in winning souls for Christ.