Fact About Grace

When you and I put all our energy and effort into something that is doomed to failure, the only possible result is frustration. And all we know to do about the situation is to try harder, which only produces more frustration. 

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Early this year, after receiving my employment letter, I was happy that have gotten what I want from God. A month went by I didn’t receive my salary. I went to the management and told them about the problem, they said I shouldn’t worry it will enter. Another month came nothing, i was frustrated ans angry. Instead if me to go on my knees and ask for grace and mercy,  I was disturbing myself going to the management to complain all the time. Until one day, I just said to myself, why am I disturbed about this, the Lord that gave me the job as done it already, so I leave everything to you my lord. Take charge!!!  My faith and patient paid off. I was paid on the 4th month from March to June this year. All salary paid because the grace of God intervened for me. 

It’s really not in our place to force something to happen in our lives. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t, you just have to do the best you can and leave the rest to God. Ask for grace from God and He will shower you with what you don’t expect. 

Frustration is just bad, it prevents us from obtaining a goal or fulfilling a desire. Pray for grace and mercy everyday, and be expectant at all times. 


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