The Evil Intentions Of Landlords

Why are landlords very wicked and mean. Just got this information from my neighbour. His landlord cut the power supply just because he hasn’t gotten money for the rent which wasn’t due before the act. 

I so love my dad. He’s also a landlord and he doesn’t collect one year rent but six months because he was once a tenant and during that period his landlord was kind. He adapted the same strategy, not because of what he received from his landlord, but asking himself what will Jesus do?  Going back to my neighbours case. Now with the evil intentions of his landlord, God provided him with a bigger flat with a reasonable rent fee. 

There is nothing God cannot do. If you a landlord, I know it’s your property but please consider the situation your tenants are going through. You don’t know where your children will be in the future. Let’s love ourselves as Jesus loves us. 

Have a fun free weekend. 


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