Fear God In Your Relationships And Actions: True Story

What have I not seen and heard in this life relating to relationship. Either in movies or in reality it all stands for something in our lives. 

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Relationships these days portrays discouragement to our younger generations. Because it’s what they see now they practice. Both men and women are guilty of this act. I watched a movie recently that made me cry and weep, revealing some devilish acts men do. 

In summary, there is this lady who is hardworking, beautiful, successful, in her mid 30’s working in a bank. This dude was interested in her, she gave it a shot to let him in, not knowing who he really was.

Men will go as far as they want, to get what they want from a woman

He proposed, they got married, had a daughter and life was peaceful. After two years, the guy was frequently visiting her office. He was looking for a way to get her password to her system. One day he was successful, his wife went for a meeting and left him in the office. He wired $300,000 to an offshore account and left the office, went home and packed his belongings. The lady was called by the management in the office about the missing funds from one of her accounts. She was confused because only her knew her password and she changes it every month. Until a video footage was shown to her, watching her so called husband operating on her system. She fainted instantly! 

After a week, the guy sent her an email indicating he came to her life just for the money and now is back to his fiancee. Common who does that? After the all incident you still sent her that mail.  I was like what is this world turning into? All for money. The movie was actually a true life story. 

We all should be vigilant and careful because it’s written in 1 Peter 5:8: Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

Ladies you don’t need to rush into any relationship because of your age. Instead you pray to God for the right man for you. He who loves you won’t consider your age or status. He will love you for who you are. 

Same goes to the guys, you don’t need many girlfriends in your life for testing to get the right one. Pray to God for the woman for your life and He will give you. If you rush in, you may encounter a woman that’s just after material things, and when you don’t have any to offer she runs. 

Please this is a lesson to everyone out there, listen to the Holy Spirit, let Him guide you and choose the best partner for you. Fear God in your actions and in your relationships. 

I am still a novice in writing but I know this is a message for one or two people out there.. 

Have a blessed day!!! 

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