Blessed But Not Challenged? 

Good morning my fellow brothers and sisters in the lord. Am glad we made it through to another day, thank God for grace and mercy. 

I just have this particular thinking on something that gets me bothered sometimes. On my way to the bank this morning, I was just reflecting on my life. Firstly, am grateful to God for the job he gave to me, I don’t need to stress myself running everyday to work but on my on convenience. But I want to do something more. I see myself and tell myself am lazy, I even have no flare for business because it’s not everyone that can be an entrepreneur. I go down on my kneels everyday for God’s direction and what I can do for Him with my spare time aside being in His presence. I believe He gave me my job for a reason, for me to get closer to Him. 

I was reading and reflecting on my jottings from one of Joyce Meyer’s preachings and I glanced on something that she mentioned. She said and I quote; 

God knows exactly what He is doing, You may not like the result but it’s for a reason. Some people have jobs that they want to change, some don’t have any and wish to have what you have, some even pray for jobs they desire, but after getting it they get tired.  

What a life!!! 

I remember when I was trapped in the wilderness seeking for breakthrough in my life to get a job. My prayer for a job was exactly what God gave to me. A job with no stress at all. Now I got the job but not challenged. Funny right but it’s true. 

I thank God everyday for this job and know He got me anytime. He that did this for me, will surely do it again. 

What am I pointing out. Humans we are never satisfied, we want more and more and more to satisfy our needs, forgetting who gave you the grace and opportunity to have a job, have a home,  a car, a good spouse and so on. Let’s be appreciative and wait on the Lord for the next move in life. 

I remain patient, waiting for the next assignment the Lord have for me. 

Have a blessed day!!! 


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