Today’s Tip

God no matter what the circumstances, I always give thanks to you for the blessings in my life. Help me find the time to serve others during this busy season and,  in doing so, draw closer to you in Jesus name. Amen!!! 

Probably it’s just me, I don’t know. But when you see your blessed, you ain’t supposed to be advised to do what is right. To me though, whenever I am blessed even with the little thing, on my way I give the poor some money to ear. You see children begging for food to be in their stomachs. Even when I have nothing on me, I still thank Him for life and protecting me for some certain things. 

The greatest gift Jesus left for us on this earth is love. Love people, bless them as God as blessed you. It’s not a must to get the most expensive stuff to show you care, but little things count a lot


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