It’s been a while I wrote here, still overwhelmed and happy about last weekend I guess. 
I have a strange feeling in myself after I popped the question. I thought I was going to be filled with fear, negative thoughts on how am going to get things done before the wedding. Payment for the hall, getting a bigger apartment, buying a car and so on, but I felt nothing. 

First thing I do is that I surrender everything in the hands of God, allowing Him in total control of every resources needed for the success of the next phase. 

Went to visit my best friend yesterday who also is preparing to get married early next year. A very strong brother in the Lord. He was filled with fear and worry if the next phase, but I told him is the devil trying to stop you from moving forward. Think positively and hand over the whole wedding into God’s hands and He will see you through. 

I think most men go through this stage when preparing to move to the next stage in life. But I realised that the same God that did it before, He will surely do it again.