Already Blessed

God has blessed you! Past tense- He’s already done it. Now, you may not feel blessed, you may not look blessed,  in fact, all the circumstances may tell you that you’re not blessed. But you’ve got to be bold enough to say, No, I see it right here in God’s word- I am blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ. 

What does it mean to blessed? 

It means that you are supernaturally empowered to do whatever God has called you to do;  to be whomever God has called you to be;  and to have whatever God has called you to have. 

God’s blessing is His empowerment! The key is this: you have to believe it in order to receive it. You can’t walk around in guilt and condemnation from the past thinking you can’t do anything right and expect to keep moving forward, you have to shake off those old mindsetd by declaring God’s truth over your life. Truth sets you free. When you speak God’s truth that you are blessed, you will be free to believe it and receive it!  Today, take hold of what bekingd to you. Approach the day with an attitude of faith and victory knowing that you are already blessed!

During your free time, you can take a look at Ephesians 1:3


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A God- fearing phlegmatic, who is saved by Grace to also share and help those who are seeking motivation and inspiration in the activities of life and purpose.

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