Joy · Thanksgiving

Was Lost, Now Found 

Am so happy this morning starting my week with great news. It fills my heart with joy. 

Where do I start from. For some time now have been praying for two of my friends for God’s intervention in their lives. I just realized I have a gift for mentoring and motivating others.

This morning, a friend of mine told me she’s done watching porn movies and have deleted all from her laptop. I was in tears when she told me. We both were fanatics when it comes to watching porn and masturbation. We even brag about it that porn movies are sex education. When I stopped watching porn, I tried convincing her to stop watching too, but it was like a magnet to her. She loves it so much that she can’t quit. I kept her in my prayers and always talk to her jokingly about the past, using that as a means to ask if she has stopped watching and deleted her porn videos. But today I was stunned by the goodnews she shared this morning that she has deleted all the videos and gone back to Christ. Tears of joy filled my eyes as I was happy and glad she’s back with Christ. 

My second friend was just like the prodigal son story. She was a fun filled girl that loves parties and got her eyes for big things and easy money. Recently she and her boyfriend had an argument. Instead of clearing the air, she went to another state to meet a guy disturbing her on social media,  stayed at his place for close to a week and cheated on her boyfriend. I didn’t know anything until her boyfriend buzzed me and told me about her activity.  I told him don’t worry when she realizes her mistakes she will come back. This same morning, her boyfriend sent me a voice note sent by her asking for forgiveness. The first thing I did was to thank God and sent an hallelujah message to him. I told him the lost sheep is back. 

Am so happy for two things; 

  1. My friend realizing that porn is a devlish act against God. Coming back to Him for mercy and grace 
  2. My other friend realizing her mistake and ready to face the reality of life,  asking for forgiveness and mercy. 

In this life nobody is perfect, we all have an addiction we battle with everyday. If only you can believe that we are safed through His grace, never feeling guilty or condemned. 

Please fill free to rejoice with me for my lost friends. Am very happy this happened this morning. 

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