Am so grateful to the my Father in heaven for the gift of life. I feel alive and favoured. 

This morning as I was leaving my estate for my daily activity, I started feeling drawn back not to go anywhere because of the hot weather condition. I know God is doing His wonders to provide me with a car soon. 😀  As I got to my estate gate, a neighbour drove out with his car, I pulled out my hand for a lift but he said no. In my mind I was like if men were God, this life will just perish.  I keep saying my own ride is on tbe way. 

It’s good to be thankful for the little things happening in your life daily. I was there at the gate and a nearby estate resident was approaching my estate, I pulled my hand again for a lift, he stopped and gave me a lift. I said God thank you. As we moving we started discussing and I asked sir what way are you going. To my surprise, exactly where I was heading to that’s the same way is going..  🙌🙌🙌

No matter what you need daily, God’s got you. Now I don’t need to spend a dime as transportation to where am going. 

This God is too good o!!!