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Lord Your Will Be Done

While I like to have choices, and I like to be responsible for my own decisions, I am truly thankful that God allows me to submit my life to His will and place my trust in Him. The father is at work in me to do His will (Phillipians 2:13) and to work for my best good (Romans 8:28). I gladly acknowledge  that my plans are subject to His will. I am appreciative that my goals and successes are in His hands. I gladly proclaim that what lies ahead for me  can be summarized by one phrase. If the Lord wills! 

We are not here by accident, God has a purpose and plan for us. Jesus has sent us into the world to touch it with His redemption and make a positive impact on it for Him. 

Sometimes I use the opportunity of choice to make bad decisions. Sometimes I believe there are some things I can handle myself, even if it’s something light. I won’t call it pride but when I succeed at things I tend to praise myself with friends by hanging out. But when salvation came my way, I got to know everything I have, everything I ever accomplished is by God’s grace in my life. Yea I may celebrate with friends and family but I also sow a seed to thank God for His goodness. 

Whatever we do, it is very important to commit it inti God’s hands. And if you see what you really need didn’t work, still put it up to the Lord, and say If the Lord wills I will get what I want. 

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