Covenant Love 

Deuteronomy 7:9 tells me that my heavenly Father is faithful and is covenant is filled with love. 

He will not forsake us and will treat us better than we deserve just as a loving parent treats a rebellious child better than He/She deserves. But our hearts must be turned to honour God as God, not as a good luck charm or weekly quest into our otherwise busy lives like Robinson Crusoe. What we do must be done in awareness that it is done before and for Him. 
Jesus didn’t just come and die for us. He wasn’t just raised to give us life. No, as incredible as those gifts are, He adds another blessing to all He has done for us;  until He can come and take us home to our heavenly Father, Jesus lives to ask God for grace on our behalf. Jesus is not only our saviour, He is our defender and brother at the Father’s side! 

How do you know God is at home in your heart?  You know when you are doing loving things to bless the lives of others! Just as we trust and rely on God’s constant love for us, our brothers and sisters in Christ need love demonstrated to them too! 

I will not admit am not guilty in the past and sometimes recently. I tend to pray and thank God whenever I need a good luck charm like my friend Robinson Crusoe does. But when I got to realize by my everyday business with my lord and from great ministers of God, have come to realize we seek God’s face and not his hands. 

Same let’s start by living in love as our heavenly Father loves us dearly.. 

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