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His Presence 

Sometimes I wonder in my thoughts deep down how a man will come to this world to die for my sins. I wonder and spruce at the picture of Jesus when I realize God actually came to earth. I cry most times when I get a bit jealous of people who have seen, feel, and experience the greatness of Jesus. That wonderful feeling to be in the presence of the most high in our midst. 

I shake my head from those thoughts and realise that Jesus has always been with me throughout my life. It may not be physical, but in my heart and in the spirit I feel His presence. 

I don’t know what you facing now, but you have that doubt in your life that Jesus doesn’t exist because of the difficulties you are facing, or probably feel He has left and forsaken you? My brother,  My sister, I don’t know why am writing this,  but am here to tell you that Jesus is Alive!!! He knows what you going through,  believe in Him and feel the mighty presence in your life. Don’t be too busy to pray, that is the means we have to communicate with the Father. Don’t be too busy to study the word of God. And please always be thankful!!! 

I celebrate you guys.. 

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