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God I Don’t See Your Power And Blessings In My Life

Do you wonder why you are not prospering, even though you are giving to God and serving Him? 

Are you pouring your life and time into your church or ministry, yet failing to see it grow in numbers and spiritual power? If you answered yes to either of these questions, it may be because of the presence of conflict and strife in your life, whether it be in your home, workplace, or ministry. 

It happens in some cases, we see what God said to us was rightfully ours, but we don’t know how to get those blessings into our hands. 

God His not looking for phony Christians. He wants the real thing- not just people who “talk the talk”, but those who “walk the walk”.

Read Proverbs 17:1 for more insight on this topic. 

NB: strife is one evil word that causes confusion and pause in people’s life. 

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