Sometimes what we need to do is very simple and plain, isn’t it?  I need to handle those around me justly- practicing patience and dealing with others in fairness, without partiality. I need to practice mercy and blessings to others in need with what they don’t deserve but I greatly need to. I need to walk humbly with my Abba Father knowing that without His grace and help I will fail. 
Have a great weekend guys!!! 

Don’t be Confused: “Romantic Feelings And True Love”

This is a sponsored post, but decided to share with my sisters in the lord and ladies around the world. This post is from a great man of God “Billy Graham” who answered a lady’s letter about falling in love with another man while married. 

I cannot help but feel that most ladies these days have probably confused Romantic feelings with true love. There is nothing wrong with romantic feelings, of course, but it’s easy for these to fade after a period of time if there is not something deeper. When these romantic feelings begin to fade they can even deceive us into thinking that true love has gone forever. Commitment to your marriage or partner is a determination on your part that you will remain committed to your husband or partner for the rest of your life, no matter what the future may hold for you. True love, you see, is more than feelings of romance. 

It would therefore be very wrong for you to be misled by your feelings and become interested in another man. You can have a stable marriage or relationship, however, if you determine in your heart that you are committed, and that you will do anything possible to make your relationship grow stronger. 
Enlighten yourself more with Matthew 19:6

The Power of Praise 

When was the last time you prayed and didn’t request things from God and you simply thanked and praised Him?  Why not use today as a day of thanks and praise?  Don’t ask for anything; just praise and thank the Father. I praise Him for who he is, what he has done, and what he us going to do!  Thank Him for blessing you, saving you, and bringing you into His glory!  Let today be a day if thanks and praise. 

Just like uncle David, sometimes I just start twisting my waist and dancing to God without music sometimes. But most times when I start jamming some hillsong, darlene, kari jobe and Jesus culture, am always on fire in the next level of worship and praise. 

Praises move God when He sees your heart filled with joy praising Him no matter the circumstances we facing. He will bless you more than you ever expected. 

Morning Tip

God’s salvation leaves us no room for boasting. We couldn’t live up to the righteous demands of the law. When we are broken and sinful, God buys our salvation by sending Jesus and having Him pay the debt of our sin. We have nothing to boast about except the overwhelmingly generous grace of God and the incredible sacrificial love of our saviour, Jesus. 


Today I saw an old photo of me and my course mates taken 7 years ago back in the university. I look at it and feel so happy, thankful, and glad to be alive, and all of my mates are well and doing great in life. 

Top left: joe, emeka, middle: Me, Right: dotun,karol, down left: bobby v, and right: Martins
We all are not equal, life will dawn on us. But am so appreciative of His goodness in my life. I wrote on this platform how God did it in my life, it’s not an easy ride. I know some of my friend’s back then in school who are no longer with us. 

I know I always talk about thankfulness in my blog, but what can I do without thanks and being thankful for God’s goodness. 

Be thankful!!! 

Covenant Love 

Deuteronomy 7:9 tells me that my heavenly Father is faithful and is covenant is filled with love. 

He will not forsake us and will treat us better than we deserve just as a loving parent treats a rebellious child better than He/She deserves. But our hearts must be turned to honour God as God, not as a good luck charm or weekly quest into our otherwise busy lives like Robinson Crusoe. What we do must be done in awareness that it is done before and for Him. 
Jesus didn’t just come and die for us. He wasn’t just raised to give us life. No, as incredible as those gifts are, He adds another blessing to all He has done for us;  until He can come and take us home to our heavenly Father, Jesus lives to ask God for grace on our behalf. Jesus is not only our saviour, He is our defender and brother at the Father’s side! 

How do you know God is at home in your heart?  You know when you are doing loving things to bless the lives of others! Just as we trust and rely on God’s constant love for us, our brothers and sisters in Christ need love demonstrated to them too! 

I will not admit am not guilty in the past and sometimes recently. I tend to pray and thank God whenever I need a good luck charm like my friend Robinson Crusoe does. But when I got to realize by my everyday business with my lord and from great ministers of God, have come to realize we seek God’s face and not his hands. 

Same let’s start by living in love as our heavenly Father loves us dearly.. 

His Presence 

Sometimes I wonder in my thoughts deep down how a man will come to this world to die for my sins. I wonder and spruce at the picture of Jesus when I realize God actually came to earth. I cry most times when I get a bit jealous of people who have seen, feel, and experience the greatness of Jesus. That wonderful feeling to be in the presence of the most high in our midst. 

I shake my head from those thoughts and realise that Jesus has always been with me throughout my life. It may not be physical, but in my heart and in the spirit I feel His presence. 

I don’t know what you facing now, but you have that doubt in your life that Jesus doesn’t exist because of the difficulties you are facing, or probably feel He has left and forsaken you? My brother,  My sister, I don’t know why am writing this,  but am here to tell you that Jesus is Alive!!! He knows what you going through,  believe in Him and feel the mighty presence in your life. Don’t be too busy to pray, that is the means we have to communicate with the Father. Don’t be too busy to study the word of God. And please always be thankful!!! 

I celebrate you guys.. 

What Lifestyle Do You Portray? 

The character of a loving and humble lifestyle shows who is truly wise. It’s so easy for people to act arrogantly yet in the Lord’s eyes they are worse than silly; they are woefully ignorant. 

Wisdom is not about flaunting knowledge but about living a godly life. Which more closely resembles you in your walk with Christ wisdom expressed through a humble and loving lifestyle or smart with feelings of superiority and arrogance. 

What Is Your Glory? 

What is your glory? Do you glory in your accomplishments, your wealth, your status, your looks, your piety, or your humility? 

In the old hymn “beneath the cross of Jesus”, that’s what Christians mean when we glory in God’s name. Our full understanding of God’s holy name has been greatly expanded by Jesus. He taught us to not only reverence the name of God, but also to call him Father. Any other cause of joy, any other basis for boasting, is a passing illusion. 

For those whose hearts seek the lord, glory is found in reverencing the holy name of the father who gave up his precious son so we could be his children. He loves us that much. 


Believing What You Don’t See

Can you trust what you don’t see?  Of course! What kind of question is that?  Our lives depend on what we cannot see- things like gravity and the air we breathe, just to make two. Faith in Jesus is as natural as faith in each of those things. The problem is that our hearts are skeptical. We find it hard to believe that anyone divine would love us so much. Our experience says, “if it seems too good to be true, it is”. That skepticism is just the trusted form of the response God longs to see from us. 

Inexpressible and glorious joy. I don’t know about you, but I’ve tasted both. I prefer joy over skepticism. 

The Kingdom of God Or The Thorns of Life

All sorts of things can distract us from kingdom matters. The wear and tear of everyday life can make it hard to keep our spiritual focus. But in an affluent society, our desire for riches, our pursuit of material things, and our selfishness with wealth can entangle us in worry. Worry can stifle our faith. 

Eventually the fruitfulness if the Gospel is choked out and we lose our spiritual vitality. Our greatest riches are found in Jesus. If He is our priceless treasure and the kingdom is our highest priority, then we can handle the other things that come our way. 

We all love the things the world have put on ground for us to enjoy, but what the Bible states is not to make it our major priority in life. Let’s be wise in our choices, either the kingdom of God or the thorns of life. 

Don’t Compare The Past With Present (Ecclesiastes 7:10)

The only thing we get by spending our time looking in the rear view mirror is a big disaster in our front wind shields! Our best days as Christians are always ahead. Jesus has promised to return and take us home to God. What better future could there be. So let’s not get distracted with nostalgic cynicism. We can thank God for His past blessings, but let’s not waste the present with restimism. Let’s make a commitment to redeem our time and trust that the same God who raised Jesus from the dead, also holds our future in His hands. 

Therefore, do not worry saying what shall we eat? Or what shall we drink? Or what shall we wear? For after all these things the gentiles seek. For your heavenly father knows that you need all these things. But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you (Mathew 6:31-33).

Some of us can’t do without asking what to eat, wear, or drink. It’s occasionally a part of human lives to ask these questions. But the Lord is telling us to seek Him first, if you believe in Him, all that you ever need in life will be granted unto you. He knows what you lacking and what you need in life, just trust the Lord and be free from 


Here I Am, Send Me (Isaiah 6:8)

Church worship on Sunday is not the goal of our life here on earth. As important as church worship and personal praise are, they are only part of our goal. We are here to glorify God with both our lips and our lives, with the worlds around us caught up in Satan’s traps, God wants us to hear his call to us in our church and private worship and respond by saying,  “Here am I. Use me! ” Then he wants us to enter the world redemptively, making a difference in our public worship of ministry. 

NB: godliness with contentment is great gain (I Timothy 6:6)

Watch What You Speak (Proverbs 12:13)

Our mouths can sure get us into trouble, can’t they! This is especially true for someone whose heart is tainted by evil. Talk reveals so much about our interior life, and an evil person has a lot to hide! But that brings us to ourselves. What does our talk reveal about us?  Does it help us escape trouble or does it reveal fastening evil in our souls. 

We should watch what we speak because the tongue is powerful. There was this African Nollywood movie I watched back then,  this lady was suffering, ni job, no money, and other amenities. In that process she lost her mother, this made her really depressed and angry. Angrily she looked up in heaven and said by the time she turns 25 and she doesn’t have a change in life, her life should be taken. Unkowning to her the spirit of death took that and kept it till after 25 years. What happened next ain’t a good news. 

Let’s be careful and learn to speak good things to our lives and to those we care about. 

The Good Shepherd

When Jesus proclaims that He is the “Good Shepherd”, he means that He will lay down His life for us!  For us, however, it means all that Micah promised- strength, majesty, security and peace. 

Why is it so hard to share with others that we have thanked God for bringing then into our lives? God let his son Jesus know His love and approval. Remember His words at Jesus baptism and transfiguration?  This is my son, whom I love. 

Uncle Paul also let the struggling churches he started know that he was praying for them regularly (Phillipians 1:3). It’s a great blessing to thank God for someone special in our lives. It’s a double blessing to let those people know we’ve thanked God for their being in our lives. 

Let’s commit to be a double blessing people today!