Be Thankful At All Times 

When do we offer Thanksgiving?  At all times, in every situation, in all things and by so doing we enter into the victorious life where the devil cannot control us. 

How can he control us if we are going to be joyful and thankful no matter what our circumstances are?  Admittedly, this kind of lifestyle sometimes requires a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving, but I would rather sacrifice my Thanksgiving to God than sacrifice my joy to Satan. 

Be a grateful person, one filled with gratitude not only toward God, but also toward people. When someone does something nice for you, let him/her know that you appreciate it. 

Show appreciation in your family among the various members. So often, we take for granted the things that God has blessed us with. A sure way to lose something is not to appreciate it. 

Appreciate your partner (wife/girlfriend /boyfriend/ husband);  it’s not easy to be together for so long, depending the period. I still tell my partner I appreciate her. Have you told your partner the same? 

Meditate daily on all the things you have to be thankful for. Rehearse them to the lord in prayer, and as you do you will find your heart filling up with life and light. 


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